Modulogreen®, still trading under the name of Amytis®, had the honour and pleasure of participating in the Globe Planter magazine, with the renowned professional producer of protected plant species, Jean Pouliart and the renowned journalist Roland Motte.

A professional eye. José Dos Santos began with a hydroponic system. He then created his own indoor and outdoor landscaping company, always concerned with improving his product. Patrick Blanc, the renowned French Botanist, opened the way for the hydroponic system, based on which José Dos Santos was inspired to design the Modulogreen® Vertical Solutions system. He conceived some prototypes with flower holders in the form of modules that can be fitted together and which can receive a plant culture as support.

This modular concept, thanks to its super efficient automatic drip sprinkler system, avoids wasting water. Wishing to internationalise the Modulogreen® Vertical Solutions concept, he decided to patent the concept in Europe and internationally.