The presence of Modulogreen® at the BATILUX exhibition in 2008 - "Le Salon de l'Habitat de Gamme", and at Batilux in 2009 - "Exclusive Construction & Interior Design", made it possible to disseminate the Modulogreen® system in quality and luxury constructions.

Exhibition on high quality housing | Activity: Landscaping.

The recognised Landscape artists of the company Babylone Paysage and proprietors of the patent of the Amytis® system have created green divisions and walls for indoors and outdoors for more than 3 years. Designed using innovative materials, the Amytis® vertical gardens are the only ones to offer vegetation a sustainable culture medium, which is well ventilated and has a high retention capability, resulting in enormous savings in terms of water and fertilizer. Among perennials, ferns, fat plants, mosses, bulbs and bushes, several species can adapt to this type of cultivation.

We study planting and plantation patterns according to the specific characteristics of the location (exposure, climate ...) Once the vertical garden has been installed, only two or three prunings per year will be necessary, plus a few verifications of the automated sprinkler system. Thermal insulation, lightness and modularity are also crucial points that were optimised in order to make the Amytis® system a system of reference.

From an environmental approach, we only use recyclable materials which allowed us to obtain the Merits of the French Fund for Nature and the Environment, namely in the revolutionary ecological conception of Amytis®.

There are infinite possibilities in terms of applications of vegetables and plants in vertical gardens, thus enabling one to value the aesthetic aspect of the building. The green wall is totally independent from the supporting and autonomous wall, i.e. its maintenance only requires 2 prunings per year and the sprinkler system is automated, consuming roughly 140L/m2/year.

The environmental aspect is no less important: the material of the Modulogreen® system can be entirely reused and it is recyclable.