C2C certification: Certification that defines the quality of the product accompanied by an intelligent design and with a reduced impact in terms of the environment, material health and waste reduction.

The protocol for certification of Cradle to Cradle products is a system for innovation that shows that “designing with a purpose” makes perfect sense these days and has a positive impact on results. To be a Cradle to Cradle product, it has to comply with 5 different categories: The product must be made of materials that are safe for human health, those same materials must be reusable, renewable energy must be used as much as possible in the production of the product and its production must lower carbon emissions. The process must control or avoid excessive consumption of water. The product must have a positive impact on people and the planet so that each one of may be made accountable at a social level. Those are the foundational beliefs of the Cradle to Cradle Certification and Modulogreen was awarded the Cradle to Cradle SILVER level certification on 6/05/2014, valid until 5/05/2016. This certification has allowed us to gain recognition among landscape professionals, particularly in the North of Europe: Holland, Germany… consolidating the presence of our product in those countries and gaining notoriety in those markets.

Innovert Award

Modulogreen® Vertical Solutions, which still trades under the name of Amytis, was privileged to receive the award of the INNOVERT SALON DU VEGETAL Organisation, for the nomination of innovative companies in plant techniques that applied for the INNOVERT Award during the Plant Exhibition in Angers, France, from 17 to 19 February 2009.

Ecotrophé Award

It was with enormous pleasure that the company Amytis® was nominated in two categories by the Ecotrophé organisation, with a jury composed of the renowned journalist Jacques Legros, the journalist Roland Motte, specialised in the gardening area and the Garden Center. On 8 June we were awarded an Ecotrophé, in the sustainable product category.